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Darienne’s Apparel FALL/WINTER GIVEAWAY.
I have been saving money for a while now to do this for you guys! This is my fall/winter giveaway. Yes it may seem like a lot but some other friends are pitching in things too!
You must follow me here: tumblr: http://dariennesapparel.tumblr.com/ instagram: darienne_debrule
If you do not have an instagram let me know and you will still be counted xxOnly reblogs count, no likes. You can reblog as much as you would like though!
To have a better chance of winning kik me and become my friend to be entered 5 more times! Kik: daarienne_
There will be ONE WINNER
Ends November 25th. Happy Thanksgiving!
What you will be winning!:- topshop boyfriend jeans (your size)- topshop joni jeans in dark wash (your size)- one direction our moment perfume- brandy Melville stay weird beanie- brandy Melville gnarly beanie- your choice of American apparel crop top (your size)- black doc martens (your size)- topshop parka coat (your size)

Enter my giveaway!

Remember enter my giveaway!



i just..love her

i love this ♡♡♡


being popular on tumblr is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria of a mental hospital

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god i loved this movie (found on weheartit)

vintage and models ☯✝
vintage blog

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